The types of classes that we offer reflect our mission to make yoga accessible to everyone.


Our classes



Curious to know what yoga is about? This class will help you build a yoga practice.  Come learn the basic yoga poses & breath techniques in a friendly, supportive environment.  A great place to start!


Are you new to yoga? Then this is the class for you. Expect a slow and steady pace as we work to build a solid foundation for your yoga practice. We will work on healthy alignment and breath awareness and focus on fundamental yoga poses that bring balance, strength and calmness to your being.


For the experienced yogi and adventurous beginner, this is a well-rounded vinyasa class with a combination of flow and holding of poses. You will be guided to explore more advanced versions of poses, or to practice at the level where you feel comfortable. These classes are open to everyone to explore deeper levels of your practice through asana, pranayama and meditation. Come along, experiment a little and have some fun.


Perfect for the older practitioner, this safe and slower-moving class works gently to increase range of motion in the shoulders, back, hips and legs and develop better balance, core awareness and breath awareness. Focused on fundamental yoga poses that bring balance, strength and calmness to your being. Ideal for the 60+ age group, but everyone is welcome.


Yin Yoga is the practice of slow, long-held, seated or supine asanas that target the fascia in the body in order to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. Our Yin classes are open to all and we leave time within each class to experience inner-quiet, balance and self-reflection. All levels welcome.


Our Mom and Baby Yoga class offers gentle, restorative yoga postures and focuses on slowly starting to rebuild postpartum strength. You'll share the space with other moms and their little ones, offering a safe, encouraging environment to start or re-explore your yoga practice as a mother. No previous yoga experience needed.