The Yoga Room teachers are highly experienced and have diverse yoga backgrounds.

We aim to create a safe, inviting atmosphere that welcomes people of all levels, of all ages, of all shapes and sizes. 




Elsa van Niekerk

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Elsa is the founder of The Yoga Room. She believes in the transformational power of yoga and meditation and how it positively impacts people's lives and loves sharing this practice with her students. Whilst living and working in New York, she completed her 500 hour Teacher Training and Yin Yoga qualification in 2013 at the renowned ISHTA yoga school in New York, under the guidance of Yoga Master Alan Finger. The ISHTA philosopy combines the teachings of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda and emphasizes finding the yoga that resonates with the individual's spirit. She also completed her Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in 2017 and loves teaching the strong Forrest Yoga practice of focusing on breath, strength, integrity and spirit. Elsa is a keen photographer and loves the world of architecture and design – and hopes to one day develop a yoga retreat centre.


Sarah Ojembarrena

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Sarah is a Mixed Media Artist, Photographer and a Yoga teacher. For her, the movement and the science of Yoga is a continuous relation among the conscious and unconscious where we find spaces of reflection, creation and transformation. Therefore, a connection with our true essence is possible through the experience of the present moment where awareness can be nourished and the practice be integrated and manifested in the physical shape. “Beyond the movement itself, the authenticity of what moves us. By diving the stages in body, mind and soul through spaces and movement one can connect with the nature state within us and so operate synergistically with all the systems that give us a state of connection or disconnection with reality. The heart as a core of all. The body as a bridge." Sarah has been trained in different styles of Yoga and has practiced with different masters and teachers around the world. She currently teaches in Cape Town where she offers mostly Hatha and Vinyasa Classes, Heated and non heated. As well as other Yoga events. She´s also fascinated with music and its transformational potential in relation to the art of movement.


Kaya Bryce

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Kaya’s approach to her yoga practice and teaching is one that is focused on creating and cultivating a holistic, long-term practice. For her it is all about moving consciously with awareness of what the body can safely do. As someone passionate about health and wellness, yoga is a central part of her life and it has been a personal mission to introduce as many people to a consistent yoga practice as possible. Kaya’s classes are a combination of dynamic flows, with interesting transitions and static postures designed to build strength throughout the body. You can expect intuitive movements linked with breath that take the body and mind on a journey of stretching, strengthening and playing with peak postures.


Elaine Seidel

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Elaine is a seasoned teacher and practitioner. Her style is a fusion of her numerous trainings over the years. She combines the alignment of Iyengar, emotional connection of Forrest Yoga, integrity of Synergy Yoga, working safely with the back and the delightful flow of Vinyasa. She is passionate and fascinated by connection, communication and philosophy. One of Elaine’s first loves was painting, having spent 20 years painting in the film industry, while practicing and teaching yoga, until her passion for teaching yoga took over. Her hobbies include, long meditative walks, using this time to connect with breath, body and nature, listening to audiobooks, lectures, podcasts, which Inspire and uplift! And cooking delicious, nutritious meals for friends. Practicing yoga early in the morning on the beach is her ultimate, time of true connection. Elaine believes yoga is the understanding and cultivation of Connection, Union. Initially starting with the connection of movement and breath. But as one moves deeper into the vast layers of Yoga as a discipline, it reveals the connection of the Part to the Whole. Connection of self to self; self to others, self to the world and the environment - teaching us everything is connected. All is One. Yoga has helped Elaine get to know herself, so she can better understand others. It has healed her in times of sickness and stress, kept her sane and stable, connecting to the present moment; quieting and calming her mind, made her physical and emotionally strong and flexible; and most importantly taught her to play, appreciating the joy of a physical body.


Penny Cooper

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Penny’s teaching style focuses on helping students find proper alignment before moving deeper into postures. The sequences are challenging for students of all levels, yet attainable for new students. Penny teaches Yin yoga, Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa classes and private lessons. For Penny, it is always important to consider the community and the studio itself. A studio that allows students define what yoga means for them, is where Penny feels most at home, both as a student and as an instructor. She tries to always meet students where they are in their yoga journey, and speak their language. Penny believes that yoga isn’t about pretzel shapes and handstands, it’s about recognizing and nourishing the light within. “Yoga seeps into your bones, your heart, and your soul over time. With a consistent practice, yoga can give you a whole new outlook on yourself and the world around you. “Namaste” says it all. The idea is that the goodness that is in me is also within you. Rather than seeing each other’s flaws, we should strive to find the connecting thread of goodness and of humanity that ties all of us together.”


Jane Human

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Jane is a devotee of the body, she is curious and constantly researching and testing ideas on her own body. Music, dance and Chardonnay feed her soul, especially when she can do all three outside in the sunshine, surrounded by nature.
Yoga has ignited her creativity and evolved her ability to negotiate life with equanimity. She is more able to see suffering in others and know how to help them uncover their own power so they can be free from fear, more at home in their own skin and able to navigate their lives more skillfully. The Vital Principles, which she studied under Dona Holleman and Theresa Caldas, encompass the entirety of a yoga practise and a life path. Relax the body , Quiet the mind , Intent , Rooting/sinking 
, Connecting , breathing and elongating.