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Restorative Chakra Tuning Workshop

Join us for a Chakra Balancing Workshop - a unique and powerful way to awaken and heal the subtle energy body
In our bodies there are seven chakras, or energy centres - these energy centres have the responsibility of taking in, incorporating and distributing energy fo keep us functioning at optimal levels. Each chakra has its own characteristic, and influences different aspects of ourselves.

MANIPURA (solar plexus)
ANAHATA (heart)
VISHUDDHI (throat)
AJNA (third eye)

Working with your chakras can help you to restore and enhance your energy flow - come join us to find out more.

- Saturday 1 June from 11am-1pm
- cost R300pp 
- to book your spot, please send proof of payment to with you first and last name as reference
- Capitec | Account number 1529037024 | Savings account | Branch code 470010